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My card has expired or was declined



  • Shaun Cecil Schoeman

    Hi the application does not allow me to change my billing details

  • heather

    cant change my billing details have a new card and want to upload


  • Cords1

    What a hopeless situation - no answers no replies and just total frustration dealing with admyt

  • Team admyt

    Great news, you can now edit your billing details in our new App. 

    What's more, we've added Prepaid support, allowing you to top up any amount you wish. 

  • Vita Tredoux

    My card has expired so was declined. I just paid cash for parking stay at V&A Waterfront, in the amount of R30. I want to update my billing details, but do not want to be charged again for this stay.  

  • Daniella Smoller

    I would like to pay ADMYT the balance owed to you, by EFT, 

    Please forward your bank details so that I can pay the balance of R21.00 owing to you.

    I am out of the country and would like to cancel my subscription.

    I have sold my car and the purchaser keep using my account with you.

  • John Ostrowick

    Yep, it's basically impossible to top up once your card stops working. Totally useless. You need to remove the PayU EFT option as well, the banks have changed their login protocols, e.g. SBIC now requires you to authenticate on the phone. So… that leaves two options, neither of which work. 


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