I was billed the wrong amount




  • Johnny Loots

    Hi Please can you amend my account for the 1st August 04.51 am i went to the Gym

    And i left 05.45 am the boom at the Amyth side was not working , the security guard had to take a ticket on the incoming side and handed to me so i can exit,I can verify this with my Virgin Active card, and i will not leave my car there for 3 days. 

    And on the 3rd August at 09.03 am i went for breakfast , you can verufy this i recieved my billing ,.


    Kind regards

    Johnny Loots

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  • B

    I was not able to scan in the PicknPay barcode whilst in the centre so exited and now see that I've been charged for yesterday's parking.   Please credit and advise why the barcode is not scannable

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  • Senpai Sensei

    I was charged R10 again yet I left the mall within the specified time... Please stop that and refund me.

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  • Candice Mesk Herodotou

    I was charged R5, yesterday at Benmore. I tried to scan the pick n pay code but it wasn't working. I think the issue was related to faulty / streaky printing of the docket.

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  • Sean Kramer

    Hi I attended the Allan Gray conference yesterday and specifically disabled my admyt and took a ticket because I knew that I would receive a free parking ticket from the event , this morning I see that I was billed R80 for yesterday's parking , please can this be credited back ? 


    Sean Kramer


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  • Sue Parker

    Rivonia village has 30 mins of free parking but I was charged when I was only there for 17 minutes.

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  • Momelezi Nodada


    I was billed after I had validated and I was within the rebate time.

    Please investigate...

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  • Engela Van Wyngaardt

    Hi, I bought a ticket for parking at Loftus Park for the rugby. But now I'm also charged by Admyt!?? Please refund my money

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  • Yusuf

    I went to Benmore today 

    Time in: September 17th 2019, 10:22:57 am

    Time out: September 17th 2019, 10:22:57 am

    Duration: 15 minutes

    This is within the 15 min free parking at benmore but I was still charged R5 - Please can I be refunded

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  • Farishta Mansingh

    Wowza, I got charged as follows:
    Time In

    December 23rd 2019, 2:43:43 pm
    Ring out
    Time Out

    December 23rd 2019, 8:06:47 pm
    Clock icon

    5 hr(s) 23 min(s)
    Ring in

    Sandton City
    Ring out



    FIFTY RANDS???!!!!!

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